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Williams Overview

  1. Summary of Changes Overview PowerPoint
  2. Williams Implementation Timeline

Williams Updates/Reports:

  1. ACLU Statewide Impact Report 2007
  2. ACLU Statewide Progress Update Report May 2009 NEW
  3. ACLU REPORT: Williams vs. California: Lessons From Nine Years Of Implementation

Integrated Process:

  1. 2007 Suggested Process for COE documentation review and site visits
  2. Williams Review School District Checklist
  3. Site Inspection Protocol
  4. Protocol Planning for Site Visits


  1. Facilities PowerPoint
  2. Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) (6/07)
  3. Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) effective 7/1/09 NEW
  4. Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) 7/1/09 – Excel worksheet NEW *Please note, file contains macros for calculating
  5. Facilities Inspection Workbook

Instructional Materials

  1. IM Summary PowerPoint prepared by Stanislaus COE
  2. CDE Templates
  3. Instructional Materials Survey for Compliance with Ed Code sections 1240(i) and 60119:

CCSESA Instructional Materials Review Worksheets

Pictures of Instructional Materials:

Teacher Assignment:

  1. Outline of Process for Teacher Assignment Monitoring
  2. Teacher Assignment Monitoring and Review Sample Templates

Uniform Complaint Procedure:
CDE Sample UCP Notice
CSBA Sample Documents:

  1. Sample UCP Procedure
  2. CSBA Complaint Form 2007
  3. UCP Classroom Notice Sample 2007
  4. Sample Resolution on Instructional Sufficiency/Insufficiency NEW 12/2011
  5. Sample Board Policy and Administrative Regulation for Instructional Materials NEW 7/2012


  1. SARC Data Verification Tool (2013-13) UPDATED 3/14
  2. CDE SARC Website**


  1. Quarterly Report Template for Four Required Areas
  2. Annual Report Template for Four Required Areas
  3. Annual Report Template Limited Scope for Four Required Areas
  4. Sample Quarterly Annual Report for School Districts summarizing results of visits and documentation reviews

Applicable Statutes and Regulations:

  1. California Code_Sections and other resources related to Williams
  2. Education Code Sections Related to Williams

Other Resources:

  1. Glossary of Williams Related Terms
  2. Orange County Williams Data Collection System Overview
  3. California Department of Education website

County Office of Education Developed Worksheets and Information Guides:

  1. Orange County Department of Education Website
  2. Site Revirew Classroom Checklist
  3. District Facility Needs Memo
  4. Facility Needs Preliminary Report
  5. Instructional Materials Preliminary Report
  6. Instructional Materials Elementary Visitation Survey
  7. Instructional Materials Middle High School Visitation Survey