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CCSESA Legislative Positions

Sponsored Legislation

AB 1761 (Jones-Sawyer): Public Schools: Accountability

Recasts and revises the duties of the county superintendent. Requires the county superintendent to identify a list of schools based on the schools identified for support and assistance under the state’s multiple measures public school accountability system and the single system of support established under specified statute and submit a report as to the state of those schools.

Chaptered Legislation

SB 126 (Leyva): Charter Schools: Support

(Signed by Governor 3/5/19)


Expressly states that charter schools and entities managing such are subject to either the Ralph M. Brown Act or the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act. Requires specified charter schools or entities managing charter schools to hold meetings in specified locations. Expressly states that charter schools and entities managing charter schools are subject to the California Public Records Act and the Political Reform Act, with exceptions.  

Support / Support If Amended

AB 39 (Muratsuchi): Education Finance: Local Control Funding Formula: Support

Expresses the intent of the Legislature to increase the base grants to amounts equal to the national average per pupil funding level and to apply a cost of living adjustment above the specified cost of living adjustment for funding purposes.

AB 125 (McCarty): ECE Reimbursement Rates: Support

Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to implement a reimbursement system plan that establishes reasonable standards and assigned reimbursement rates for childcare and development services for children under a certain age that varies with certain factors. Establishes market rates for the cost of childcare services.

AB 428 (Medina): Special Education Funding: Support

Amends existing law requiring the Superintendent of Public Instruction to compute an equalization adjustment for each special education local plan area for purposes of increasing the funding rates for special education local plan areas with funding rates below the 90th percentile. Increases that percentile to the 95th percentile and requires the Superintendent to compute that equalization adjustment commencing with the first fiscal year after funds are appropriated.

AB 907 (Grayson): Threats: Schools and Places of Worship: Support

This bill would remove barriers for law enforcement to pursue a criminal prosecution of individuals who threaten a school or place of worship.

AB 1001 (Ting): Childcare: Strategic Planning Councils: Support

Renames the Local Planning Council to the Strategic Planning Council. Revises the definition of child care to include early childhood education services. Revises the makeup requirements for strategic planning councils. Authorizes a County Board of Supervisors and a County Superintendent of Schools to merge the Council with the Quality Rating and Improvement System local consortia or with another strategic planning council in a contiguous county under certain conditions.

AB 1507 (Smith): Charter Schools Location: Resource Center: Support if Amended

Deletes the authority of a charter school to locate outside the jurisdiction or geographic boundaries of the chartering school district because the charter school has attempted to locate a single site or facility to house the entire program, but a site or facility is unavailable in the area in which the charter school chooses to locate, or the site is needed for temporary use during a construction or expansion project.

SB 174 (Leyva): ECE: Reimbursement Rates: Support

Requires, until January 1, 2021, the regional market rate ceilings to be established at the 75th, and thereafter, at the 85th, percentile of the 2018 regional market survey for that region or the regional market rate ceiling that existed in that region on December 31, 2017, whichever is greater. Requires the department to update the regional market rate survey methodology to include specified factors, including age ranges and hours of service.

SB 468 (Jackson): Taxation: Tax Expenditures: Repeal Date: Support

Establishes in state government the California Tax Expenditure Review Board as an independent advisory body to comprehensively assess major tax expenditures, as defined, and make recommendations to the Legislature. Requires the Legislative Analyst’s Office to complete its comprehensive assessment of the major tax expenditures and to provide that assessment to the board by the deadline date. Requires state agencies to assist the Legislative Analyst’s Office with completion of the comprehensive assessment.

Oppose/Oppose Unless Amended

AB 901(Gipson): Juveniles: Oppose

This bill would limit the authority of a probation department to provide services to minors within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and eliminate truancy as an offense subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

SB 5 (Beall): Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment: Oppose

Establishes the Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program. Authorizes various agencies and special districts to apply for participation in the program. Provides that eligible projects shall include the predevelopment, development, acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation of workforce and affordable housing, certain transit oriented development, and projects promoting strong neighborhoods. Provides for property tax revenue.