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CCSESA Legislative Positions

CCSESA Positions

2019-20 SESSION

AB 221 (Garcia): Teachers: Third-party Contracts: Prohibitions

This bill would prohibit, commencing with the 2020–21 school year, a local educational agency from entering into a contract with a third-party organization to employ teachers who commit to teaching in the organization for less than 5 years, employ teachers to teach at any school maintained by the local educational agency that has at least 40% of its pupils being from low-income families, or pay the organization any fee associated with interviewing or hiring a teacher candidate.

CCSESA Position: Oppose (3/11/19)

AB 428 (Medina): Special Education Funding

Amends existing law requiring the Superintendent of Public Instruction to compute an equalization adjustment for each special education local plan area for purposes of increasing the funding rates for special education local plan areas with funding rates below the 90th percentile. Increases that percentile to the 95th percentile and requires the Superintendent to compute that equalization adjustment commencing with the first fiscal year after funds are appropriated.

CCSESA Position: Support (4/7/19)

AB 575 (Weber): Education Finance: Lowest Performing Pupil Subgroup

Amends existing law regarding state funding calculated pursuant to a local control funding formula. Adjusts the definition of unduplicated pupils to include pupils who are included in the lowest performing subgroup or subgroups based on the most recently available mathematics or language arts results on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress.

CCSESA Position: Watch (4/7/19)

AB 1001 (Ting) Childcare: Strategic Planning Councils

Renames “local planning council” to “strategic planning council” and would revise the definition of “child care” to include early childhood education services. Revises the makeup requirements for strategic planning councils. Authorizes a county board of supervisors and a county superintendent of schools to merge the strategic planning council with the Quality Rating and Improvement System local consortia or with another strategic planning council in a contiguous county under certain conditions.

CCSESA Position: Support (3/11/19)

AB 1015 (Gipson): Opportunity Youth Reengagement Program

Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to make an apportionment to local educational agencies in an amount related to the number of reengaged opportunity youth enrolled in that agency. Requires apportioned funds to be used to serve the reengaged opportunity youth under the Opportunity Youth Reengagement Program. Provides for eligibility for participation in the program.

CCSESA Position: Watch (4/7/19)

AB 1303 (O’Donnell): Career Technical Education Incentive Grant

Specifies that the purpose of the State Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program is to encourage maintain, and strengthen the delivery of high-quality career technical education programs.

CCSESA Position: Support (4/7/19)

AB 1506 (McCarty): Charter Schools: Statewide Total

Authorizes the operation of a maximum total number of charter schools in the state. Requires the Department of Education to post on its website the statewide limit of charter schools authorized to operate in the state. Provides for charter petition approval.

CCSESA Position: Watch (4/7/19)

AB 1623 (Rivas): Teaching Credential: Teacher Recruitment

Establishes a program, the Golden State Teacher Grant Program, under the administration of the Student Aid Commission to provide a grant to each student enrolled in an approved teacher credentialing program who commits to working in a high-need field, for 4 years after the student receives a preliminary teaching credential. A grant recipient to agree to repay the grant to the state in the specified circumstances.

CCSESA Position: Watch (4/7/19)

AB 1761 (Jones-Sawyer): Public Schools: Accountability

Recasts and revises the duties of the county superintendent. Requires the county superintendent to identify a list of schools based on the schools identified for support and assistance under the state’s multiple measures public school accountability system and the single system of support established under specified statute, and submit a report as to the state of those schools.

CCSESA Position: Support (3/11/19)

SB 126 (Leyva): Charter Schools

Expressly states that charter schools and entities managing such are subject to either the Ralph M. Brown Act or the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act. Requires specified charter schools or entities managing charter schools to hold meetings in specified locations. Expressly states that charter schools and entities managing charter schools are subject to the California Public Records Act and the Political Reform Act, with exceptions.

CCSESA Position: Support (Signed by the Governor 3/5/19)

SB 756 (Durazo): Charter Schools: Moratorium

Expresses the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation containing specified policies relating to charter schools on or before January 1, 2020, and prohibits, notwithstanding any other law, the approval of a petition for the establishment of a new charter school until a specified date.

CCSESA Position: Watch (4/7/19)