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CCSESA Legislative Positions

CCSESA Positions

2019-20 SESSION

AB 221 (Garcia): Teach for America Teachers: Assignment Prohibition

Prohibits Teach for America teachers from being assigned, pursuant to the Teach for America program, to teach at any California public school, including a charter school, that has at least 40% of its pupils being from low-income families, as specified pursuant to Title I of the federal Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965.

CCSESA Position: Oppose (3/11/19)

AB 1001 (Ting) Childcare: Local Planning Councils

Revises the makeup requirements for local planning councils. Provides that certain of the requirements imposed on local planning councils in order for the local planning council to identify local priorities apply only if the Department of Education adopts a statewide database to collect information about families seeking childcare, families’ eligibility for childcare, and enrollment in childcare.

CCSESA Position: Support (3/11/19)

AB 1219 (Jones-Sawyer): Teacher Credentialing: Certificated Employee

Repeals provisions relating to teachers assignment monitoring. Requires the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, to administer a State Assignment Accountability System to provide local educational agencies with a data system for assignment monitoring.

CCSESA Position: Watch (3/11/19)

AB 1505 (O’Donnell): Charter Schools: Petitions

Repeals provisions authorizing a county board of education or the State Board of Education to approve a petition to establish a charter school, and would specify that, a petition to establish a charter school may be submitted only to the school district the boundaries within which the charter school would be located. Provides that charter schools operating under a charter approved by a county board of education or the state board may continue to operate under those charters.

CCSESA Position: Watch (3/11/19)

AB 1507 (Smith): Charter Schools: Locations

Deletes the authority of a charter school to locate outside the jurisdiction or geographic boundaries of the chartering school district because the charter school has attempted to locate a single site or facility to house the entire program, but a site or facility is unavailable in the area in which the charter school chooses to locate, or the site is needed for temporary use during a construction or expansion project.

CCSESA Position: Watch (3/11/19)

AB 1761 (Jones-Sawyer): Public Schools: Accountability

Recasts and revises the duties of the county superintendent. Requires the county superintendent to identify a list of schools based on the schools identified for support and assistance under the state’s multiple measures public school accountability system and the single system of support established under specified statute, and submit a report as to the state of those schools.

CCSESA Position: Support (3/11/19)

SB 126 (Leyva): Charter Schools

Expressly states that charter schools and entities managing such are subject to either the Ralph M. Brown Act or the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act. Requires specified charter schools or entities managing charter schools to hold meetings in specified locations. Expressly states that charter schools and entities managing charter schools are subject to the California Public Records Act and the Political Reform Act, with exceptions.

CCSESA Position: Support (Signed by the Governor 3/5/19)