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The California County Superintendents Business Partnership Committee operates with the intention of making valuable services and products known to the county superintendents of schools in an effort to benefit the agencies and students they serve, as well as benefit the work of the California County Superintendents.  In accordance with the California County Superintendents’ Bylaws, the organization does not have exclusive agreements with partners nor does it endorse specific products or services.

We are currently seeking proposals from businesses interested in becoming a business sponsor in order to work collaboratively toward improving California’s education system with products and services that provide efficiency, cost-savings, instructional materials, and/or professional development. 

A sponsorship with the California County Superintendents gives you the opportunity to network with California’s County Superintendents of Schools, who are key decision-makers in California’s public education system.
The business sponsor will receive an invitation to speak to the 58 county superintendents, digital marketing opportunities, networking opportunities, and more.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals which include the following information:

  • Company background & product information
  • How the high-quality product will service or benefit schools across the state
  • Any pre-existing noteworthy relationships with California County Offices of Education or districts

Companies interested in learning more about becoming a business sponsor should contact the California County Superintendents, attention: Business Partnerships, (916) 446-3095.


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