Inclusion and Tolerance Resources

CCSESA Statement on Inclusion and Tolerance

At their October 2017 General Membership meeting, county superintendents from across the state shared stories about the heightened levels of fear among the students and families in their counties due to the sense that hatred and bigotry are somehow acceptable now in America. The county superintendents strongly reject all messages of intolerance, racism and hatred and affirm their commitment to actively support and protect the students, families and communities they serve. We are committed to fight for educational equity and racial and social justice in public education.

One of the missions of CCSESA is to share resources among county offices in a collaborative effort to ensure that every student is safe, protected, and benefits from a quality educational experience. On this “Inclusion and Tolerance Resources” webpage, county superintendents share materials and resources that can help every county office and school district support their students and families.

CCSESA staff will actively collect and share more stories and resources so that local educators have a range of tools to:




This webpage will be regularly updated to report and share the actions county offices of education are taking to support these fundamental principles.

Tom Changnon
Past-President, CCSESA
Stanislaus County Superintendent of Schools
Peter Birdsall
Executive Director, CCSESA