Business Continuity (BCSC)

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The Business Continuity Sub-committee is charged with developing resources and a model for County Offices of Education that have the need or desire to
implement a Data Center Business Continuity plan.

Over the course of the year, the sub-committee will focus their efforts on developing a document that helps understand the importance and challenges of having a Data Center Business Continuity plan in place.

The document will contain the following:

1) A high level executive summary, an assessment of current COE technical capabilities

2) A County Office to County Office Business Continuity model through shared resources

3) Sample agreements, templates and service level documents

4) The technologies and resources required for such efforts

The work of this subcommittee is expected to go beyond the year and develop other models that can be extended to serve School Districts in California.

Committee Co-Chair

Dane Lancaster
Marin County Office of Education
1111 Las Gallinas Ave
San Rafael, CA 94903

Committee Co-Chair

Luis Wong
Imperial County Office of Education
1398 Sperber Rd
El Centro, CA 92243