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PASSCo: Personnel and Administrative Services Steering Committee: CALIFORNIA COUNTY SUPERINTENDENTS Educational Services Association



Promote purposeful, effective, and efficient personnel and employee relations practices for California’s 58 County Offices of Education in support of superintendents, school districts, students, staff, parents, and communities.


  • Provide leadership, guidance, and support for effective, efficient, and meaningful personnel and employee relations programs for all California County Offices of Education (COE) and school districts;
  • Provide professional enhancement for County Office Administrators of Personnel and Employee Relations and their staffs;
  • Facilitate the linkage between the California Department of Education (“CDE”), Commission on Teacher Credentialing (“CTC”), California Department of Justice (“DOJ”), County Offices of Education (“COE”), and local school districts;
  • Actively participate as a major stakeholder of CTC by providing input through various means to influence policy and regulations related to credentials;
  • Provide a forum for deliberation about personnel and employee relations legislation and/or establish Committee positions on issues and concerns related to personnel and employee relations; and
  • Encourage communication through regular attendance and active participation of all.


Professional Development: Coordinate timely, relevant presentations by expert guest speakers for PASSCo and its Credentials Networking Sub-committee (CNS) to take place at each quarterly meeting. Examples of presentation topics include: Implementation of new laws, such as AB 1522, AB 1432, and Affordable Care Act; Title IX Compliance; Teacher and Substitute Shortage; Education Code v. FLSA.

Advocate for CCSESA and its mission: PASSCo members will provide effective and efficient human resource practices that support teaching and learning for all students. Members will actively engage in one of the five Focus Groups: 1) Credentialing; 2) Professional Learning; 3) Fiscal; 4) Legislation; and 5) Technology, for the primary purpose of assisting CCSESA’s overall mission to strengthen the service and leadership capabilities in support of students, schools, districts and communities.

Serve as a Resource: Support, assist, and train COE Human Resources personnel for providing assistance to school districts and COE programs.

Strengthen Partnerships: Continue to cultivate relations with critical agency groups, such as the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, California Department of Education, ACSA, CODESP, and CASBO. Invite agency leaders, such as STRS and PERS and DOJ to quarterly PASSCo and CNS meetings to provide updates on key issues.

Connect: Consistently connect with other CCSESA Steering Committees on emerging issues. Arrange joint activities with other Steering Committees to strategize on common priorities. Share knowledge and expertise amongst members. Build PASSCo listserv capacity and information on PASSCo webpage for member use.

Outreach: Organize networking activities during the quarterly meetings and commit to contacting new members between general session meetings to inspire regular attendance.