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Improvement Science in Practice

Why: Improvement is not contingent upon being identified for Differentiated Assistance; COEs are requesting professional development opportunities that will expand their knowledge through opportunities for learning and application of improvement tools and resources.
What: Improvement Science in Practice provides anyone interested in developing a foundational understanding of Improvement Science and its methodologies. Participants will apply their learning to an actual improvement effort of their choice.
Where: Offered twice, in two locations: Fall/Santa Clara, Spring/Tulare.
Cost: $1,800.00 per participant, includes three, 1.5 day sessions + coaching during action periods.

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Introduction to Differentiated Assistance and
the Continuous Improvement Model

Why: County Offices continually strive to build capacity of staff throughout their organization to effectively support LEAs’ improvement and may need to develop capacity of their staff in staggered groups over time. County Offices also experience staff turnover and need to provide training to new COE staff who will be assuming a role in Differentiated Assistance.
What: Intro to DA will provide participants with training on how to implement the process developed and used to support LEAs newly identified for Differentiated Assistance. Some tools and principles of improvement are incorporated into this session.
Where:Offered once a year in three locations: Orange County, Tulare, and Shasta.
Cost: $1,200.00 per participant, includes two, 2-day sessions.

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Coaching Improvement Science

Why: Supporting LEA improvement requires that COEs have staff with deeper level expertise who are able to provide coaching and guidance for LEA and COE improvement teams.
What: Coaching Improvement Science is an intensive course specifically designed for small teams who will be serving as coaches, supporting LEAs and/or school teams to tackle a specific problem. This course requires that participants have foundational understanding and practice with Improvement science and have identified a district/site to work with. This course has an application process and approval process coordinated by the Improvement Collective instructors.
Where: Five 2.5 Day Sessions, and coaching, offered once a year.
Cost: $8,000.00 per participant, includes five, 2-2.5 day sessions + coaching and improvement reviews.

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Applying Improvement Science to Differentiated Assistance: Extender Series

Why: In 2017-18, a significant number of people attended a Carnegie 6-day session that introduced them to the principles of improvement and provided training on how to facilitate Differentiated Assistance for newly identified LEAs.
What: The Differentiated Assistance process helped LEAs to identify a Root Cause as to why they were getting their results and identify where in their LCAP they would address this. The Extender Series will provide opportunity for those continuing to work with their LEAs to support the design, implementation and monitoring of their actions, focusing on lead measures to support continuous improvement.
Where: Two, 2 Day workshops, with a 4-5 week action period in between.
Cost: $1,200 per participant, includes two, 2-day sessions.

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